Khandker M. Nur-a-alam, former Director of GETCO Telecommunications Limited and Nextgen Networks Limited was born in a respectable Muslim family on 28th May, 1977 in Dhaka. Starting his higher education in Mechanical Engineering at Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology, he shifted to Computer Science and Engineering under London Metropolitan University and continued his Post Graduate Diploma in the same as well. Mr. Nur-a-alam was the first Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) in Bangladesh since 2001 and achieved all the Microsoft Professional Certifications – MCNE, MCSD and MCDBA with the top 100 ranking scores worldwide. In the later life, he was awarded many more professional certifications.

Mr. Nur-a-alam started his professional career in 1999 at Computer Point, one of the leading firms in the IT industry of Bangladesh at that time as a Sales Engineer, then shifted to software development and training in Grameen Software Limited and then in network administration at GETCO. He started GETCO Telecommunications Limited in 2007 and won the Interconnection Exchange License which later on served as one of the key elements in the telecommunication system of Bangladesh. Mr. Nur-a-alam later on founded Nextgen Networks Limited, which is one of the top ranking internet service providers of the country at present. As his next venture, he founded Desh Info Services in the Philippines, which was dealing international voice traffic up to 2 million minutes per day.

In his personal life, Mr. Nur-a-alam is a very adventurous person and traveler. He writes regularly in a number of travel blogs published throughout the world. He is also a licensed pilot and loves to fly around whenever time permits. Mr. Nur-a-alam is a life member of British Computing Society since 2009.

Mr. Nur-a-alam is one of the founding Directors of Think Green Limited.