Mr. Khondoker Rashidul Huq: The former Director General of Department of Environment, Government’s Republic of Bangladesh, is one of honored Advisers of Think Green Limited. With his wide spectrum of wisdom, in-depth understanding of the Bangladesh Government’s policies, rules and regulations and most of all, being very dynamic personality, Mr. Huq’s guidance will always help TGL to find newer ways for doing betterment of the country. Mr. Rashidul on Facebook…


Stephen John: Mr. Stephen John has worked worldwide in the waste treatment and processing industry for over 28 years. He is an industry expert in the field of waste management, specializing in waste water and lake remediation, Solid waste recycling, bio drying of MSW and the production of Waste Derived Fuels. His key skills include Food processing waste remediation and stabilization, Bio-drying of organic streams, Design of large scale water treatment facilities, Biomass and Renewable energy project development, Design of Material handling facilities, W2E fuel reception, storage, feeding systems and Software control systems.

Liam Oldershaw: Mr. Liam has 34 years of experience in Municipal Solid Waste Processing; Recyclables recovery and classification systems design, Bio-drying of organic streams derived from MSW and food waste streams, Design of RDF/SRF production systems, Biomass recovery and Renewable energy project development, Design of biomass crop residue processing equipment to produce biofuels, Bespoke system design for cement Industry and W2E fuel reception, storage and feeding systems, Tyre shredding systems and reprocessing of Tyre crumb for various product streams. Liam has got a wealth of knowledge and experience in the engineering and fuel preparation side of municipal solid waste processing plants and worked around the globe for multinational companies.

Engr. Shafquat Alam:  After his graduated in 1993, Mr. Shafquat started his carrier with Gentry Corporation as Sales Engineer in 1994 and worked there for 4 four months. He then joined GETCO in January 1995. In GETCO he spent about 24 years and worked in different ladder level of the company- as Assistant Manager, Manager and Divisional Head, has been promoted to General Manager (Oil & Gas Division) in 2006 and finally given responsibility as Executive Director of the Company in 2011 heading multiple Divisions namely Oil & Gas, Machine and Equipment Divisional, Solar and Renewable Energy, ICT and E-Governance, And Roads and Bridges Division.

As a Sales and Marketing personnel he took responsibility for sales, service of Air Compressor, CNG Compressor, Construction Equipments among Govt. and Private Industries. Since 2001 he is also looking after the business in the Oil and Gas Sector, later to other sectors like Renewable Energy, Roads and Bridges, ICT, Skill Development Training. He is maintaining enviable relation in the industry. He is responsible for diversified avenues of the organization such as tracking new technology and resources of products, implementing innovative market research for new product as well as existing product category, identify potential customers and team mission completion within specified time frame.

Ammar Abdullah Nur: Mr. Ammar Abdullah Nur, Managing Director, Greentrack Genaral Trading LLC, Dubai, is participating with Think Green Limited as a project and partner consultant.